Full name: Dmitry L. Goobanov (Dmitry Lvovich Gubanov)

Graduated from the St.Petersburg Technological Institute
(Faculty of Organic Chemistry) in 1989.

Work Address: ITMO University (Saint-Petersburg National Research University).
Kronverksky 49, St.Petersburg, 197101, Russian Federation.
Phone: +7 812 232-8494

Title: System administrator

Place of Work: ITMO University, ITMO Network support

E-mail: goobanov@noc.itmo.ru

Area of expertise: network systems, unix administration, internet technologies.

Date and place of birth: March 25, 1966, Leningrad, Russia.

In 1989 I graduated from Leningrad Institute for Technology (LIT) named after "Lensovet". Specialization: "Chemical technology of high-molecular compounds" (organic coatings). The topic of graduate thesis: "The study of antipyren influence on thermodestruction of polyether coatings".

From 1989 to 1992 I was a technologist engineer, since 1993 - engineer-programmer at the Department of Chemical Technology of Organic Coatings in LIT named after "Lensovet". I was engaged in implementation of computer technologies into teaching and scientific research at the department.

I elaborated computer program complexes for coloristic calculations (the choice and optimization of colour formulation) and complex physical and chemical optimization of laquers compositions. I worked out and implemented into students' laboratory practice of the Department of Processes and Equipment of Chemical Technology of LIT a series of educational-modelling computer programs for calculation and modelling of non-stationary thermal fields, calculations of rectifying columns, absorbers, refrigerating installations, heat exchangers and other chemical equipment.

In 1990-94 I was collaborating with biologists from St.Petersburg State University and St.Petersburg Naturalists' Society, in the field of specialized databases creation for floristic and hydrobiological research (sampling, processing and interpretation of field data), and in using of technical vision systems, image and statistical processing in the research concerning a bioindication of the water pollution.

From 1993 to 1996 I was a engineer-programmer at the Department of Laser technologies and Ecological Instrument Making in St.Petersburg State Institute of Fine Mechanics and Optics (IFMO - previous name of our University). I was the leading software developer for a family of laser technological systems of "LASEROGRAPH" and "KARAT" series (systems for cutting and decorative treatment of materials, microoptics elements formation and 3D-models creation).

From April of 1996 to April of 1997 I worked as a engineer-programmer in the "Center of distance learning and multimedia" of St.Petersburg IFMO, mastering modern methods of work in Internet.

Since April of 1997 I have been working as a leading programmer and system administrator in the ITMO Network Operations Center.

The main area of my current work is the development, support and administration of the ITMO computer network in all aspects - network structure and network equipment, traffic management, network policy, services, unix-servers, etc.

I am a member of St.Petersburg Naturalists' Society since 1993, a member of Valaam Expedition of Naturalists' Society since 1989, a member of Mountaineering Club "Polytechnic".

I love music, the guitar, climbing, mountaineering, biking, skiing and many others journeys.

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